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Public Relations

Our public relations services are vital in political campaigns, shaping candidates' public perception, managing their image, credibility, and messaging. Our services enable candidates to define their values, express positions, and connect with voters personally through media relations, public speaking, and messaging, ensuring alignment with campaign goals for a lasting positive impression.

Grassroots Advocacy and Field

Grassroots advocacy and fieldwork are the core of any campaign. Paid field programs engage everyday citizens in democracy, mobilizing them to turnout to support campaigns and causes. Rise Wins' field programs are the driving force behind voter turnout, ensuring the candidate's message reaches every part of their constituency. Our efforts build a strong support base and rekindle enthusiasm among previously disengaged voters, shaping election outcomes significantly.

Digital Services

In the digital age, social media revolutionizes political campaigning, offering candidates a unique platform to connect, share their vision, and mobilize supporters. Our digital programs offer real-time engagement for addressing voter concerns, demonstrating authenticity, and fostering a supportive community. Social media's viral potential can propel a candidate's message globally, making it an essential tool for reaching and influencing voters in our highly connected world.

What we do for you


Grassroots Mobilization

Our dedicated team establishes the essential grassroots infrastructure for organizations and constructs campaigns of all sizes. Our unwavering commitment lies in cultivating a movement that inspires individuals to take meaningful action in pursuit of a greater cause.


Tailored Strategy

Recognizing the uniqueness of each campaign, we collaborate closely with every client to define specific objectives. From there, we craft a winning strategy that guides you through each phase, encompassing campaign planning, audience identification, message articulation, and strategic media collaboration.


Effective Messaging

We excel in articulating opinions and initiatives, seamlessly connecting your mission with your target audience in real-time. The simplicity and clarity of our campaign messaging cut through the noise, ensuring your message resonates. Our persuasive messaging strategy captivates the hearts and minds of your voters.


Data Driven Analytics

Rise Wins is driven by data, employing actionable and attainable metrics to ignite movements that drive change locally, nationally, and globally. Our campaigns are rooted in data insights, with real-time monitoring of public reactions enabling us to respond swiftly to emerging challenges.

About Us

Rise Wins is a women-led, full-service democratic agency specializing in organizing, political consulting, and campaign services. We collaborate with companies, campaigns, candidates, and causes for groundbreaking results.

Why Rise Wins

Three principles drive our distinctive approach!

We Reshape Opinions

We are passionate about shaping opinions instead of going with the flow. Our strategies are crafted to reshape public perceptions and pave the way for true changes.

We Harness the Power of Youth

We firmly believe in the potential of new generations. By utilizing their energy, enthusiasm, and ideas, we are an unstoppable force. Fresh perspectives and innovative solutions are the basis of our success.

We Inspire Action for a Better Tomorrow

Advocacy without passion is an uphill battle. It is our mission to ignite the spark that motivates individuals to use their voice and passion to create a brighter and just world.

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